10 Ideas To Help Make Yourself Happy

Hello everyone out there in cyber land. I have decided to create this post because over the last few days I have been in a funk and by doing these things I have become happier again. I thought maybe some of you may need a bit of cheering up so here it goes.

  1. Comfert food: Okay seriously my comfert food is Cadbury chocolate. I eat it and instantly I feel better. I know it is not the healthiest thing to eat but idea 2 helps work it off.
  2. Going for a walk: I find going for a walk just to clear your head gives me empowerment. Being able to set yourself free and get some fresh air really helps.
  3. Remembering to breath: This may sound stupid like nuh duh but really take some deep breaths and agknowlege the thing thats got you down and try and figure out how you can become happpy again.
  4. Watch a sad movie: This may sound really bad but honestly I find that getting a big cry out and focusing on something else really helps. Especially for me all the things that get me down are first world problems so watching a sad movie often makes me realise how lucky I am.
  5. Talking to that special someone: I am not in a relationship but I know talking to the guy I like always makes me feel a lot better. I know I know it is bad to be dependant on others in order for you to be happy but if they are someone who can make you smile and stop your tears then I do not see the problem.
  6. A got to get away place: As a 14 year old girl it is often hard for me to find a place to get away from the world but I have made the floor of my wardrobe that place. It jas pillows and blankets. It is bad to trap yourself away from the world but sometimes you need some space in order to feel happy again or atleast to calm down.
  7. A child hood comfert toy: I know I still have all my teddy bears from when I was little so when I am down I get them out and put them in my wardrobe or just sometimes sleep with them. It is just a good way to snugle up to something and feel like you have support.
  8. Your Happy song: Whenever I am down I play “oh the thinks you can think” from sussical the musical.  It just makes me feel happy ffor some reason.
  9. Doing someting you love: Any activity whether it be sport or lying on the couch watch netflix. Doing something you love to do will make you happy. Yesterday I went swimming and my mood went from hormonal angry sobbing monster to happy.
  10. Catch up with a friend: Being with someone you love who you aren’t related to is a good way to become happy. You can get everything off your chest and spend time with your friend who will help to cheer you up.

I hope these ideas help you with becoming happy. But always remember you aren’t alone in the world. If there is something going on in your life you can always comment and talk to me. I will be here for you guys no matter what. You could also call a help line if you want a human voice to talk to.



Who am I?

Who am I? It is a question that crosses my mind daily. Am I a kind person? Am I a friendly person? Am I a bully? (I have been called a bully, but that is because I was standing up for myself and my friends)  These are things that I have been called. I do not believe these words describe who I am truthfully. Now I am sorry to dispoint anyone who is reading this but I am not telling you who I am, My name, Where I live, What I look like. Sorry.

Anyway getting back on track. I believe the things that describe you and make you who you are, are your own goals of who you want to be, your views of yourself and perceptions of your life.

For instince

Who am I?






Although all these things make me me other people also impact who we are. Have you ever been with a friend and tried to impress them by being rude to others, faking your own intrests or just not being yourself, well all these things make you too.

You see we can control who we are and who we want to be. Make the right choices and always be you.

If you are living your own life a lie then you aren’t living.


Making Mistakes

In life we all do stupid things, things we regret but in the life we live we have the oppurtunity to fix these mistakes. I don’t know what sorts of mistakes people have made but I know I have made so many so far and I am only 14. But it is obvious to me that the only way you can truly make up for these mistakes is by agnologing them to yourself and if you hurt anyone else in the process apologising.


I wrote this purely for the purpose of Informing you what I have done. But I also think making mistakes is a great part of life. They help you grow as  a person by teaching you to be responsible as well as teaching you the right and wrong in life.


Making mistakes is a part of being human and we can’t change that.

So next time yu make a mistake just think that you are learning.

It may sound so corny but it’s true. I am only 14 and this is something I believe.

Being Dragged Down

I know at the moment for me I am discovering that some friendships aren’t meant to be or I should avoid certain people. Sometimes you really really love someone but they aren’t good for you. I know recently I let go of one of my best friends for a very long time. It was really hard on me as I use to always go to her for advice or support but I know now that I was just being dragged down by all her bad decisions. She use to boss me around and decided what I do, what I wear and who I am. But I finally decided to spread my wings and fly free. It is a month today that we stopped being friends but I know I am happier now and truly myself.

In life there will always be people who are just with us for a status or a bad motive but be strong enough to move that. Live your life being yourself not someone else. Don’t get further into your life realising your just putting on a act for someone. Don’t do it to make someone like you or just for a relationship. Be yourself, thats the only way you can truly be happy.

Have you ever had a bad friendship and had to set yourself free?

Let me know in the comments and tell me how you felt after you set yourself free.


xoxox Life liver

Living life to the fullest

Life, a oppurtunity we only get once. The life we are living is the only one we get. I know as a human being I am just like whatever I am a teenager, I have so much life left to live; but what if that was’nt true. What if right now I just die. Thats depressing isn’t. We should all use the oppurtuities we are given, take chances, make mistakes and learn from them. I know I have been told that we are born to die but I believe we are born to live. We should live every moment like it is our last.

This is Blog has been created so I can hopefully inspire others to try new things and live a little more. I understand not many people will read this if any but I know if I had a little insperation I would have done a lot more. I would’ve taken that leap of faith at camp, I would’ve asked out that guy. Life is full of road blocks but we have to work our way past them. I want to strive in life. I want to do things that scare me.

So are you brave enough to try something new?

Why not try something a little diffrent and so how it goes. Let me know what you did in the comments below.

xoxox -life liver