10 Ideas To Help Make Yourself Happy

Hello everyone out there in cyber land. I have decided to create this post because over the last few days I have been in a funk and by doing these things I have become happier again. I thought maybe some of you may need a bit of cheering up so here it goes.

  1. Comfert food: Okay seriously my comfert food is Cadbury chocolate. I eat it and instantly I feel better. I know it is not the healthiest thing to eat but idea 2 helps work it off.
  2. Going for a walk: I find going for a walk just to clear your head gives me empowerment. Being able to set yourself free and get some fresh air really helps.
  3. Remembering to breath: This may sound stupid like nuh duh but really take some deep breaths and agknowlege the thing thats got you down and try and figure out how you can become happpy again.
  4. Watch a sad movie: This may sound really bad but honestly I find that getting a big cry out and focusing on something else really helps. Especially for me all the things that get me down are first world problems so watching a sad movie often makes me realise how lucky I am.
  5. Talking to that special someone: I am not in a relationship but I know talking to the guy I like always makes me feel a lot better. I know I know it is bad to be dependant on others in order for you to be happy but if they are someone who can make you smile and stop your tears then I do not see the problem.
  6. A got to get away place: As a 14 year old girl it is often hard for me to find a place to get away from the world but I have made the floor of my wardrobe that place. It jas pillows and blankets. It is bad to trap yourself away from the world but sometimes you need some space in order to feel happy again or atleast to calm down.
  7. A child hood comfert toy: I know I still have all my teddy bears from when I was little so when I am down I get them out and put them in my wardrobe or just sometimes sleep with them. It is just a good way to snugle up to something and feel like you have support.
  8. Your Happy song: Whenever I am down I play “oh the thinks you can think” from sussical the musical. ┬áIt just makes me feel happy ffor some reason.
  9. Doing someting you love: Any activity whether it be sport or lying on the couch watch netflix. Doing something you love to do will make you happy. Yesterday I went swimming and my mood went from hormonal angry sobbing monster to happy.
  10. Catch up with a friend: Being with someone you love who you aren’t related to is a good way to become happy. You can get everything off your chest and spend time with your friend who will help to cheer you up.

I hope these ideas help you with becoming happy. But always remember you aren’t alone in the world. If there is something going on in your life you can always comment and talk to me. I will be here for you guys no matter what. You could also call a help line if you want a human voice to talk to.