Who am I?

Who am I? It is a question that crosses my mind daily. Am I a kind person? Am I a friendly person? Am I a bully? (I have been called a bully, but that is because I was standing up for myself and my friends)  These are things that I have been called. I do not believe these words describe who I am truthfully. Now I am sorry to dispoint anyone who is reading this but I am not telling you who I am, My name, Where I live, What I look like. Sorry.

Anyway getting back on track. I believe the things that describe you and make you who you are, are your own goals of who you want to be, your views of yourself and perceptions of your life.

For instince

Who am I?






Although all these things make me me other people also impact who we are. Have you ever been with a friend and tried to impress them by being rude to others, faking your own intrests or just not being yourself, well all these things make you too.

You see we can control who we are and who we want to be. Make the right choices and always be you.

If you are living your own life a lie then you aren’t living.



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