Making Mistakes

In life we all do stupid things, things we regret but in the life we live we have the oppurtunity to fix these mistakes. I don’t know what sorts of mistakes people have made but I know I have made so many so far and I am only 14. But it is obvious to me that the only way you can truly make up for these mistakes is by agnologing them to yourself and if you hurt anyone else in the process apologising.


I wrote this purely for the purpose of Informing you what I have done. But I also think making mistakes is a great part of life. They help you grow as  a person by teaching you to be responsible as well as teaching you the right and wrong in life.


Making mistakes is a part of being human and we can’t change that.

So next time yu make a mistake just think that you are learning.

It may sound so corny but it’s true. I am only 14 and this is something I believe.