Living life to the fullest

Life, a oppurtunity we only get once. The life we are living is the only one we get. I know as a human being I am just like whatever I am a teenager, I have so much life left to live; but what if that was’nt true. What if right now I just die. Thats depressing isn’t. We should all use the oppurtuities we are given, take chances, make mistakes and learn from them. I know I have been told that we are born to die but I believe we are born to live. We should live every moment like it is our last.

This is Blog has been created so I can hopefully inspire others to try new things and live a little more. I understand not many people will read this if any but I know if I had a little insperation I would have done a lot more. I would’ve taken that leap of faith at camp, I would’ve asked out that guy. Life is full of road blocks but we have to work our way past them. I want to strive in life. I want to do things that scare me.

So are you brave enough to try something new?

Why not try something a little diffrent and so how it goes. Let me know what you did in the comments below.

xoxox -life liver


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